“You have to see them.”

It was my first month in Denton, and my friend was beside himself.

“How could you not have seen them already? Have you been living under a rock?”

In a way, yes. I was in grad school, which meant my days were consumed by papers — either my own, or those written by the students for whom I was a TA.

 “I’ll see them around eventually,” I responded, neck deep in grading and eager to placate my friend’s frenetic energy.

“Nope. Get up. We’re going now. You have to see the murals.”

He was right—I did have to see them, and not just because I needed a break. Years later, I’m still mystified by the vibrancy (and sheer volume) of our murals in Denton. I’m also confused as to how I missed them. They’re everywhere you look, so I may have indeed been living under a rock.

From Recycled Books to Al’s Furniture, there are dozens and dozens of expertly crafted murals showcasing Denton’s character and cool.

Some murals — like Fuzzy’s — are colorful and creative depictions of history. Others are just plain helpful, like the “How to Brew Beer” mural on the side of The Bearded Monk (though I have never and will never be able to brew beer like the Bearded Monk gang). 

Some of my favorites are the ones closest to my former UNT stomping grounds, like the alluring Lucky Lou’s mural. I’m also partial to the murals on the Square, like the country-inspired creation at Cartwright’s. Yet just like some of Denton’s delicious dining locales, some of the best murals can be found at places off the beaten path. I still can’t get the La Sabrocita mural out of my head, and don’t get me started on the tacos.

But how to find all of the wonderful murals? Well, Discover Denton has made it simple with their Discover Denton app! After downloading the app (from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store), then go to Things to Do, hit Search in the top right corner, and select just Murals. Voila! Images and maps of each mural are right at your fingertips!

Here’s what was even cooler about that initial, impromptu mural tour: we spent an entire afternoon perusing town and surveying some of these sensational murals, but we never left his car. We could have, of course, and it’s always great to take your time appreciating these creations. But by simply driving across Denton, I was able to see so many magnificent murals—and see the city in a whole new light.

Whether you’re a budding mural expert, or you’ve admired a few in your spare time, I highly encourage you to plan your own mural tour. It’s as easy as a few clicks and a short drive.

This comprehensive listing of murals was made possible through a partnership with the Denton Public Library and a special volunteer Victoria. Download the Discover Denton app from the iOS App Store or Google Play and have all of our website at your fingertips!