Our Services

We are here to help you Discover Denton! 

Our team of experts is your first point of contact to help you plan and connect with the right hotels, vendors, or venues. Our complimentary destination services will support you and your team throughout the planning process. We incorporate local vibe and resources to support a successful event allowing you to focus on other decisions and leave the legwork to us. 

Our services will be determined based on your group's size and needs. Keep these in mind the next time you are putting together a meeting or event:

Site Visits

  • Discover Denton can help coordinate and accompany you on your hotel and venue visits.
  • We can provide site inspection assistance by making arrangements for you to tour facilities and hotels that you may utilize.

Support Local

  • Discover Denton can assist with tour and special event planning by making arrangements for entertainment, tours, guides, speakers, etc.
  • We are connected with local vendors that can bring the Denton vibe to your event and make it a memorable experience for your attendees.

Transportation Options

  • Discover Denton can help provide transportation referrals to assist in your group's travel needs.

Welcome Services

  • Discover Denton can help arrange a welcome address from a City Official.
  • We can also send your press release out via our media contacts.

Discover Denton Visitor Booth

  • Discover Denton can provide a pop-up booth that includes various Denton materials and literature to enhance your event experience.
  • We can provide complimentary Welcome Packets with Denton literature and maps for all your attendees.

Pre-Attendance Marketing

  • Discover Denton can provide customized promotional flyers or save the dates.
  • We can provide promotional assistance through our newsletter, social media, website, and/or online calendar.

Community Engagement

  • Discover Denton can connect you with several local non-profits we are affiliated with to provide you with volunteer opportunities for your group to experience a community outreach day.
  • We can help connect you with local charities to bring community support element to your event.
  • Our team can help with the integration of a team-building project for your event.

Additional Services

  • Discover Denton can help you with other items on your to-do list not mentioned here. Please contact our team for additional concessions and services available.

The success of your meeting starts with the experienced staff of Discover Denton.  We are committed to helping coordinate all the important details of your event. Discover Denton is your one-stop-shop, so visit our office or give us a call.


Questions? Comments? Planning an event? Contact us for more information.