Explore Denton

What parts of Denton do you want to explore? Check out just a few ideas of tours and itineraries we can help you set up to get to know more of our great city.

Denton Square Photo Scavenger Hunt

DISCOVER DENTON SQUARE. Search the square for the clues below, snapping pictures of each as you find them. Once your photoshoot is complete, stop by the Discover Denton Welcome Center to claim your prize!

Get Artsy

CREATIVITY AND ARTISTRY ARE INFUSED INTO EVERY ELEMENT OF DENTON.  After all, where else can you attend premier art shows for little to no cost or experience history and inspiring views all within a ten-mile radius? Use this list to build the ultimate Denton arts experience....

Know Your History

IN THE MOOD FOR A LITTLE HISTORY? Look no further than one of these nearby museums – hubs of history and culture that help make Denton distinctive. These museums honor the heroes of our city, open avenues for explorations and deep dives into our rich yesteryears, and reveal...

In Motion

GET THAT BLOOD PUMPING WITH YOUR KIND OF EXERCISE IN DENTON! Whether you’re jogging, biking or simply taking a stroll, Denton offers lots to see for little cost. Seeking a beautiful park? Check. Want to de-stress and decompress with some yoga? Check. Whatever your...

Get Your Shop On

HITTING THE BRICKS TO FIND GIFTS THAT SUPPORT LOCAL ARTISANS AND MAKERS IS EASY IN DENTON. Denton offers plenty of unique shopping experiences for anyone and everyone looking for a present, a souvenir, or an opportunity to treat yo’ self. 

Live Music

WITH A TOWN AS MUSICAL AS OURS, YOU NEVER HAVE TO LOOK FAR FOR A GREAT ARTIST OR BAND. In fact, there are often tunes around every corner. From free lawn concerts to evenings of wine and jazz, here’s where you can find some terrific virtual music without worrying about...

Nightlife Options

NIGHTLIFE IN DENTON MEANS AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE. If you want to add some excitement to your trip, be sure to experience the nightlife in Denton. Sip on craft beer and cocktails, take in free live music, and enjoy the company of friends. 

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth

WE’RE ALL KIDS AT HEART. Indulge that sweet tooth that all of us have with some sweet treats. Even if this particular piece of Denton doesn’t make it all the way to your home (hello, we all need road trip snacks!) enjoy while out and about on your journey.

Find Your Perfect Selfie

SELFIES OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN. When you travel to a place, you have to prove that you’ve been there. Here are a few must-selfie spots in Denton, including one for only the most adventurous sojourners out there. Don’t forget to share your best selfies on Instagram...