North Central Texas College

NCTC was officially established May 20, 1924 — making it the oldest continuously operating two-year college in Texas today! Originally named Gainesville Junior College, the school was founded by Randolph Lee Clark, a man with a family legacy in higher education and a true pioneer of public community college education in Texas.

Boasting 6 campuses across North Texas, NCTC's Denton campus is located right in the heart of downtown Denton. Creating a hub for students downtown, the 45,214 sq. ft. center is all about convenience and learning. Transfer credits and Associate Degrees including Associate of Arts (AA), the Associate of Science (AS), and the Associate of Arts in Teaching (ATT) are the core focus for the nine classrooms, two large lecture classrooms, and a single large lecture hall. In addition, there is a testing center, computer lab, security office, and NCTC’s new Mane Stop – a one-stop-shop for student services.

NCTC offers six degree types:
Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Science (AS), Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT), Associate of Applied Sciences (AAS), Certificate, and Occupational Skills Award.

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