Downtown Square

Denton’s Downtown Square, or The Square as it is known locally, is the social, artistic, and cultural hub of Denton. Shops, restaurants, bars, event venues, and more line the streets and invite visitors to take part in the vibrant Denton environment. Historic architecture has been preserved or restored, with most of the area holding a place on the National Register of Historic Places.

Today the square also serves as a reminder of Denton County’s history. It is home to the Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum as well as John B. Denton’s grave. Lectures, exhibits, and community organized events are scheduled throughout the year, keeping this local gem an active site for experiencing the past.

The best part about the Downtown Square is that everything in Denton seems to revolve around it: art, music, history and more touch every corner. Murals and sculptures decorate walls and walkways, while buskers entertain pedestrians as they stroll in and out of stores, museums, galleries, and restaurants. Most days, scores of people can be found enjoying a picnic or a sweet treat from a local ice cream shop on the Courthouse-on-the-Square lawn, taking in the sights and sounds of our beloved city.