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Dog Days of Denton


Dog Days of Denton is celebrating 26 years as Denton’s most original festival for pooches and their people.  The event is typically held on the first weekend in October and is FREE to the public. The event features arts, crafts, educational demonstrations, canine talent contests, entertainment and fun for the entire family! If imitation is the finest form of flattery, Dog Days certainly has a strong legacy.  Texas’ original event for an about dogs has frequently been borrowed from both locally and state-wide.  The event is made possible of our event sponsors.

Meet “Jazz”, the 2019 Spokesdog. Jazz is a ten year old Bichon Frise. Jazz was a rescue pup and he loves attention. He has many costumes and his favorite hobby is traveling with his Mom. They have been to Mexico and Canada and many parts in between. His favorite thing about being the 2019 Spokesdog is all the parades and events he gets to attend and and is always happy to “work his tail off” for the Dog Days of Denton!

A signature for Denton, Dog Days is a fun and entertaining day welcoming friendly dogs and their owners.  For everyone’s safety, all dogs must remain leashed and owners must provide proof of current vaccinations. Owners and responsible an liable for their pets.

All of your favorite contests will be back: Dog Singing, Dancing With Your Dog, Pet Tricks and How Obedient is your Dog?; And, of course, everyone’s favorite the Spokesdog Contest. The lucky pup selected Spokesdog will represent Denton and Dog Days throughout the coming year. Registration is not required for any of the contests with the exception of Spokesdog – prior registration (by Sept. 23) is required. The Glamfur Booth will back to take photos of your best friend in (or out) of costume for a $5 fee. Try the agility course and the canine lure course. All donations collected from the Agility Course will be donated to Lions Club Leader Dog Project.

There is lots of fun to be had at Dog Days of Denton with many pup-friendly events like:

  • Canine Couture Costume Contest
  • Dancing with the Dog
  • How Obedient is Your Dog
  • Glamfur Shots
  • Courses
  • Pet Tricks
  • Dog Singing Contests
  • Spokesdog Pageant (must be entered in advance – visit the Dog Days of Denton website for registration forms).

Dog Days of Denton welcomes FRIENDLY DOGS and their owners. All owners are responsible and liable for their pet(s). For everyone’s safety, dogs MUST BE ON A LEASH and have CURRENT VACCINATIONS. Demos and performances by canines and their trainers, in addition to contests you can participate in, abound at the event!  Check out the full schedule for details.

Traveling to Denton with your pet? Check out our handy list of pet-friendly hotels. Attendees are welcome to bring pet food donations for the Denton Animal Shelter and drop them off at the Information Booth.

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