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What better way to remember your visit to Denton than with a distinctive souvenir or gift from one of our many stores? Discover antique treasures and eclectic specialty stores in the historic downtown square and beyond. There are unique shops all around Denton for clothing, art, music and much more.

Click on the shopping areas in the menu on the left to see listings for retail establishments in and around Denton.

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Slow Ride

Story and photo by Scarlett McCain Denton Live Fall-Winter 2015 “Can I get a hell yeah?” He stands on the brick flowerbed by the UNT Language Building and punches the sky. “Hell yeah!” The crowd standing with their bikes mimics their leader. There’s a familiar spirit in the air – like a sporting event. Then, with […]

Published on: Mon, Jun 22, 2015

Cards, comics and games. Oh my!

Trading cards, comic books and board games bring generations together. Story by Alex Gustafson Denton Live Spring-Summer 2015 A tall blonde-haired figure in a green hood tenses as he prepares for his nightly patrol. He steps onto a ledge overlooking the city and thinks of the training that led to this moment. He remembers the […]

Published on: Thu, Jan 15, 2015

The Art of Denton Shopping

Story by Samantha McDonald Photos by Byron Thompson Denton Live Spring-Summer 2015 Vibrant, distinct, and never short of original, Denton is a nest of creative talent, musical geniuses and cultural belonging. In the recent decade, the city has also become a fashion hotspot with its generous collection of retail stores and specialty shops. These local […]

Published on: Thu, Jan 15, 2015

Get the Look: Uniquely Denton

By Porchia Paxton Photos by Gloria Chen Styling by Sarah Nwiba Denton Live: July-Dec 2014 Let’s face it. Everyone praises their own town or city as being the “best.” But when Denton lays claim to this honor—whether in music, food or fashion—it proudly backs up what it boasts. Fashionistas (and those just looking for a […]

Published on: Tue, Jul 01, 2014