North Texas Horse Country

One of the largest, concentrations of horse farms in the United States, offers a variety of breeds and disciplines.  Quarter horses, Thoroughbreds, Paints, Arabians, Appaloosas, Warmbloods…they are all here… and world champion horses abound in cutting, halter, roping, western pleasure, reining and many other disciplines.  Large breeding farms, mare care, training facilities, equine suppliers and equine specialist are all available, making this a mecca for professional horsemen and horse enthusiast from all over the world.

Horses have played a vital role in every facet of human and societal development for the last 5,000 years.  They have served farms and ranches around the globe in agriculture and hunting. They provided the fastest and most reliable form of transportation until a mere 150 years ago!  They brought the world closer together by facilitating the exchange of information and knowledge between cultures.  Horses carried warriors into battle, kings to their thrones, and conquerors into new lands.  In this modern era, horses are still mounted for leisure, competitive sport and recreation, hunting, and myriad other reasons.    Bred to be the very best performers in specific disciplines and styles, horses provide entertainment, companionship, and competition to thrill humans throughout the world.