Discover Denton Welcome Center

Join us at our Discover Denton Welcome Center, right in downtown at 111 W. Hickory! With its wide open doors into the center of the Denton community, the center will be a source of information for local Denton individuals and for those visiting simply to experience Denton culture. Got a question? One of the employees, called “Dentoning Experts,” are on hand to answer any question asked. This center provides an original, independent welcome that equips visitors to enjoy a positive experience throughout their Denton stay and to educate Dentonites about events, attractions and amenities that enhance quality of life year-round.

Dentoning merchThis center is not only a merchandise hub, with #Dentoning gear ready to outfit your entire family. Stop on in and grab your very own #Dentoning T-shirt (now in a variety of vibrant colors and available in both girl’s sizes and uni-sex, as well as youth and baby) or a shot glass or wine glass to showcase your Denton pride. Get a postcard and write to someone and entice them to come discover Denton.

We also have partnered with local retailers The DIME Store and Only in Denton, along with official producers of both UNT and TWU gear, so that the Discover Denton Welcome Center is your one-stop-shop for all thing’s #dentoning. Help support our local makers and buy your one-of-a-kind Denton products right here!

The Downtown Denton Welcome Center is also the new home of, and will be broadcasting live entertainment with in-studio personalities 12 hours a day! Think Northern Exposure, Dentoning-style. The broadcast schedule is still to be determined, so check back soon!

MuralThe entrance to the Discover Denton Welcome Center is emphasized by a mural from local artist Dan Black. The entities featured in this mural are: North Texas Horse Country Tours, Texas Woman’s University, University of North Texas, Frenchy’s Lawn and Tree, Golden Triangle Mall, Denton Municipal Electric, Denton Record-Chronicle and Rayzor Ranch.

The mural also has a Campus Theatre marquee, which will feature upcoming live performances by Music Theatre of Denton and Denton Community Theatre.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the offerings of the Discover Denton Welcome Center: