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Finding warmth in the woods

On a cold, wet and windy night, the confines of UNT on the Square present a welcoming warmth for its residents. But simple shelter from the weather is not the function it should be most appreciated for. It's the nights, such as during the Denton Black Film Festival, when those who find their way…

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DBFF: T-Rex: A Female Boxer's Fight

By Veronica Maldonado I’m not a fan of boxing. In my eyes, a fight is a defensive mechanism, not a sport. In fact, the only entertainment I get from a boxing match is watching my best friend's family watch a match. In those occasions, I can chuckle quite a bit. But I found T-Rex , a documentary about…

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DBFF: King of Guangzhou - A Ticket to a New Life

By Krystal Jimenez When you hear the phrase “racial tension,” China is not the first thing that comes to mind. The narrative short drama, King of Guangzhou, directed and written by Quester Hannah, portrays a Nigerian man named Adede who lives in China with his wife under serious racial strains. When…

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