Butterfield Overland Trail

Follow along a piece of history

The Southern Overland Trail, also called the Butterfield Overland Trail, was a 2,795 mile mail route that spanned from Missouri to California. Passengers could purchase one-way transport for $200 a ticket.

Starting in 1858 from St. Louis and Memphis, an then on to San Francisco, the Butterfield Overland Stagecoach route went southwest across Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, then heading west across New Mexico and Arizona and on to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Once the Civil War began, Butterfield's mail service was cancelled and soon the Wells Fargo stagecoaches became the primary form of transport on the trail. The Butterfield Overland Mail Trail Route is currently being considered as a possible National Historic Trail.

auto tour map of the butterfield overland trail


As you follow the Butterfield Overland Trail and experience the trip that early Americans made, make you sure stop in Denton along the way.