UPDATE: The Denton Square Scavenger Hunt is no longer active, though visitors are still welcome to explore these iconic pieces of Downtown Denton. 

Denton Square Scavenger Hunt

Search the square for the clues below, snapping pictures of each as you find them. Once your photoshoot is complete, stop by the Discover Denton Visitor Center to claim your prize!

SH_Clocktower 1.

Seen from all sides of the square, this century clock tower (built in 1897) is part of the heart of Downtown Denton!


A sweet local favorite, this old-fashioned store came to life in 1998. Be sure to test out one of the 100+ flavors in the works!


Tune in to get the latest scoop on all things Denton! Don’t forget to check out the inside for one of a kind Denton merchandise.


Established in 2011, Weird and unusual are the norm in this retro and sweet historic shop.


David Iles created this bronze and steel masterpiece in 2008. Pick this apart to find the hidden Denton musical symbol.


This is the site of the 3rd burial of John B Denton. Fun fact, he never actually lived in Denton! Learn more about his life and legacy in the Ghosts of Denton Tour.


An elite showcase of Little D, this building built from the old 1870’s Courthouse operated until 1910.


In 1870, the infamous outlaw Sam Bass housed horses & traveling cowboys in this historic hotel. Now it’s a savory local spot.

Scavenger Hunt Gnome 9. Open since 2019, this sweet spot just north of the Square’s main footprint has brought snow to Denton, even on the warmest summer day.

Over the generations, since these markers were built all over Texas, many have been vandalized, but ours is still highly revered.


Built in 1882, this building has worn many hats in the past. Restored in 1976 after a fire, it now houses a Detroit favorite.


This building has been through two great fires that nearly leveled the 1880 building. Now it’s restored and standing strong.

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