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Denton’s Day of the Dead Festival

Held outside on Hickory and Industrial St, Denton’s Day of the Dead Festival captures the very essence of Denton’s artistic spirit: a true collaboration of the eclectic art and music community that only the northernmost tip of the golden triangle can provide. As is the artistic scene in this ever growing “little” town, Denton’s DOD Festival is a wonderful smorgasbord, paying homage to many of fall’s treasures such as cooler weather, the harvest, the celebration of Dia de los Muertos, and all things Halloween. It harkens to an earlier, simpler time, when communities gathered outdoors to celebrate life through song and dance, good food and drink, and camaraderie.

Denton’s DOD Fest includes Denton’s original Halloween Cabaret “Cirque du Horror,” as well as Denton’s very own Coffin Races and a lantern-lit twilight parade all help make this event truly magical, and one you won’t soon forget!

11:00 – Festival Opens (all vendors & Pumpkin Patch)
11:45 – Bubba Hernandez (Main Stage)
12:00 – Haunted House Opens (Black Box Theatre)
1:00 – Coffin Races (Hickory St)
1:00 – Cholo Rock (Main Stage)
1:30 – Mariachi Quetzal (street performance on Industrial St.)
1:45 – Indigo Rose (Main Stage)
2:30 – Taste of Herb (Main Stage)
4:00 – Parade Art & Float Contest (Hickory St)
4:15 – Bonnie & Nick Norris (Main Stage)
4:30 – Coffin Race Awards (Hickory St)
4:30 – Cirque du Horror Matinee (Dan’s Silverleaf)
5:00 – Pumpkin Patch Closes / Haunted House Closes
5:30 – Ballet Folklorico Azteca de Fort worth (Main Stage)
6:00 – Costume Contest (Main Stage)
6:00 – Parade Line Up (Hickory St)
7:00 – Twilight Parade Begins (Austin & East Hickory)
7:30 – Bone Doggie (Main Stage)
9:00 – Festival Closes
9:15 – Cirque du Horror (Dan’s Silverleaf)

‘Cirque du Horror,’ an original Halloween musical – tickets to all three shows are now available here:

In October of 2012, the community of Denton had its first ever coffin race. The rules were simple. Drivers had to be mindful of wheel size, and helmets and brakes were strongly encouraged at best. Of course, that didn’t stop many drivers from disregarding all the rules, and spectators saw everything from cars with no steering wheels to someone racing a hospital gurney.

The Midway Mart coffin barrels down Hickory Street during the coffin races, one of the premier attractions of Denton’s Day of the Dead Festival. (Photo by Ed Steele Photography)

Luckily, no major incidents were reported, no lawsuits were filed, and for the sake of safety and fairness, today’s coffin racer will find many strict rules and regulations to adhere to.

The coffin races have easily become one of the most popular attractions of the festival, and spectators seem to show up earlier every year to stake their claim on what they believe to be the more coveted viewing spots on Hickory.

Imagine a time when a community would get together for a proper celebration, walking the streets in merriment, serenaded by horns and the beat of the drums. Let our lantern-lit parade bring that magical imagery to life! Don your finest costume, design and build your own paper lantern or puppet and join the fun. Winding around the square and surrounding streets, our lantern parade is free and open to everyone.

Festival goers show off their calavera makeup during the Twilight Parade of Denton’s Day of the Dead Festival. (Photo by Ed Steele Photography)

The 2018 Twilight & Costume Parade will line up at 6 p.m. on Oct. 27 at Austin & E. Hickory streets. Join us with illuminated lanterns, glowing costumes, and blinking bikes. Bring your decorated cars, trucks, and floats. Slap some lights on a musical instrument or a drum and march with us!

The parade ends at Oakland and E. Hickory Street, where you can dance to the last band of the night or get your tickets to Cirque du Horror!

If you’re interested in participating in the 2018 Twilight Lantern & Costume Parade, register online here. For more information send an email to

Let Cirque du Horror take you on a musical journey, transporting you to another time and place. Perhaps a time where sideshows and carnivals traveled the countryside performing in grassy clearings outside of town. Or maybe where oil lamps and candlelight guided you through rain-soaked muddy streets and dark alleyways, where a massive striped tent waited full of wonders and horrors alike. Inside, perhaps a bearded lady and a hall of mirrors are prepared to make you laugh and chuckle, or you might find grisly tales and ghostly visions to send chills down your spine…

All of this is Cirque du Horror, a show that screams “Halloween!” It’s a little fright and a lot of laughter, with a touch of eye of newt and tail of rat. It was created in 2009 by local composer David J. Pierce, to provide the community with fine Halloween-themed entertainment cradled somewhere between “too scary” and “not enough.” Appropriate for the entire family, it is a delightful descent into the macabre. Come join us for a collection of bone-chilling poems, spine-tingling short stories, and spooky songs guaranteed to have you jumping from your chair with fright and splitting your sides with laughter.

Purchase tickets here

For our younger goblins and ghouls, be sure to take a stroll through the playful Pumpkin Patch, where you’ll find a variety of carnival games and craft projects. Featuring a bounce house, puppet theater, and numerous amusements for tots, the Pumpkin Patch is a place where tiny tots can let their imaginations run wild while earning a few treats for their tricks! Costumes encouraged!

Hours: 11 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. FREE!

And just down the street in The Point Bank Black Box Theatre, you can delight in a Haunted House! Designed, constructed and run by the amazing students from the Denton High School Theatre Department, the Haunted House is sure to thrill those brave enough to enter its doors (as well as a tamer option which is a great photo-op for more timid kids!)

Hours: 12 p.m. – 9 p.m. FREE!

Welcome to the Denton’s Day of the Dead Festival Costume Contest!

Every year we see tons of people dressed in outstanding makeup and unforgettable costumes that attend our festival. We introduced the Costume Contest to honor these attendees and found it to be a hit! We are welcoming you to be a part this year!

The contest will offer entry into one of three categories:

  • Day of the Dead-Themed Costume Category (13 years of age and older)
  • General Category (13 years of age and older)
  • Child (12 years of age and younger).

A panel of judges will determine the winners of this contest. The winners will receive a hand painted Denton’s Day of Dead trophy, a spot as one of the Honorary Parade Chairmen in the Twilight Lantern & Costume Parade and their name and photograph on our social media accounts and in the Denton Record-Chronicle.

To be eligible, contestants must register online by noon the Friday before the event. Take note-we did max out last year, so the sooner you can register the sooner you can claim your spot in the contest!

For more information send an email to

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