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Shiloh Field Exemplifies “Sense of Community”

This column is dedicated each week to things that make Denton Denton: our essence, attributes, sense of place, and people. The stuff that defines Denton, like our sense of community for example. Last Wednesday, I discovered one such community asset, one I drive by almost every day without notice. It…

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A Farewell Tribute: Mayor Euline Brock

I first arrived at the Denton Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) at the beginning of 2003. My initial focus as the new-kid-on-the-block was meeting the movers and shakers. I began at the top and scheduled a one-on-one meeting with then-Mayor Euline Brock. Prepared to offer my best handshake, I…

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They come from the Future

By: Javier Navarro Photo courtesy of the North Texas Daily Denton Live Fall-Winter 2015 In the bowels of a historic building that used to protect the assets of the people and businesses that founded this city is a room now filled with comic book action figures, high-end tower computers and four…

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