National Travel and Tourism Week

National Travel and Tourism Week

National Travel and Tourism Week 2017 is all about celebrating the power of travel, and particularly the people who make our industry remarkable. To get in the spirit, we’re highlighting some of our own “faces of U.S. Travel.”

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We here at Discover Denton are excited to be one in 1.1 million. Read on in Kim Phillips’ May 7, 2017 blog.

Beth Marie's by @jadewinterseeRepresentatives of the Denton CVB will be in Gainesville at the Texas Department of Transportation Travel Information Center, handing out Beth Marie’s and spreading the gospel of #Dentoning! Join us for a scoop and a chat Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.!

Some of these travelers are on their way to other Texas destinations, but our team will make sure they get a taste of Denton in hopes to encourage them to stop and visit or add Denton to their itineraries. Know a friend traveling that way? Be sure to let them know and have them stop by for some ice cream.

Are you a face of travel? How has your life been impacted by the tourism industry? Let us know on our social channels, using the hashtags #lifeisbetter #nttw17 and #facesoftravel!