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Discover Denton Welcome Center Vision Fulfilled

Years ago I attended a seminar where the speaker talked about vision.  He didn’t talk about the things we wish for, dreams we hope might come true some day.  Vision is bigger.  It is an ideal that settles itself in your heart, in the depths of your being.  It contours how you see your tomorrows.  […]

Published on: Sun, Aug 02, 2015


The People of the Denton Community Market

Every week people of all ages enjoy the activities, music, and shopping at the Denton Community Market.     Visit us every Saturday through November 28th, 2015 Where: Historical Park of Denton County, 317 W. Mulberry Street, Denton, TX  76201 When: Saturday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Like us on Facebook.

Published on: Thu, Jul 30, 2015


Denton’s Livability Ranks High

I first arrived at the Denton Convention & Visitors Bureau at the beginning of 2003. My initial focus as the new kid-on-the-block was meeting the movers and shakers. I began at the top and scheduled a one-on-one meeting with then Mayor Euline Brock. Prepared to offer my best handshake, I entered her office, my words […]

Published on: Sun, Jul 26, 2015

Denton Food Tours

Hashtag: Denton Food Tours

Among a group of friends recently, someone cracked a joke that no one else thought funny. Another in the group sighed, rolled her eyes and said, “Hashtag don’t quit your day job.” If I write for you what she said, the girl’s whamp whamp whamp to the other’s joke would look like this: #dontquityourdayjob. # […]

Published on: Sun, Jul 19, 2015


Have a Unique Experience at the Denton Community Market

July has been a great month so far at the Denton Community Market. Our expanded green space allows us more room for visitors and vendors alike. We continue to see record crowds from across the DFW Metroplex.  Every week is something different, with local music from the thriving Denton music scene and other activities for […]

Published on: Thu, Jul 16, 2015

chestnut tree

The Chestnut Tree Expands Vegan Menu

Visitors and Dentonites have been enjoying the tearoom experience at The Chestnut Tree for years.  Until now, the only vegan item on the menu was the Farmer’s Salad, which was good enough to keep us coming back regularly.  But now, holy cow!  The Chestnut Tree has been making a transition to offering more vegan items, […]

Published on: Mon, Jul 13, 2015

UNT Crowd

UNT Turns 125 – The Beginning Years

The past two weeks, my column has been dedicated to America’s birthday. It’s time now to turn our eyes to another birthday, one vitally important to Denton and 218,000 degree-holding alumni. The University of North Texas (UNT) will be 125 years old on September 16. Like all great stories, UNT’s began with a dream. The […]

Published on: Sun, Jul 12, 2015

Denton Community Market sign

Summer Fun at the Denton Community Market 2015

The summer fun continues at the Denton Community Market each Saturday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. We’ve had a record year with more than 80 vendors per week and a record number of visitors.  Our weekly music line-up, children’s activities and classes continue to make the Market one of the most unique farmers and artisan markets […]

Published on: Wed, Jul 08, 2015

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#Dentoning this Week

There’s always something happening in Denton! Our town is filled to the brim with creativity, unique stores and restaurants, talented musicians and it grows each and every day! Here’s what’s happening this week in Denton so you can plan your #Dentoning. MONDAY, JULY 6TH CALL FOR ENTRIES | Materials: Hard & Soft National Contemporary Craft […]

Published on: Mon, Jul 06, 2015


Happy Birthday, America – Then and Now

Yesterday was America’s big birthday bash.  We turned 239 years old.  While it sounds old when we say it, America is still a youth among the world’s nations.  Countries on the European, African and Asian continents have histories reaching back thousands of years.  America is not the baby though.  The dissolution of the USSR in […]

Published on: Sun, Jul 05, 2015



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