Your #Dentoning To Do List for 2020

Published on: Tue, Dec 31, 2019

2019 was not too shabby. Your resident love guru got hitched (after proposing on the Square, mind you), one of my family dogs became Internet famous, and I spent a large chunk of the year telling you about Denton’s best bands and date ideas. But I have reason to believe that 2020 will be even better. Call it foolhardy optimism or naivete, but I’m excited about the new decade and all of the bands, date ideas and famous dogs I believe it will bring. As we look ahead to a new year, here are some #Dentoning new year’s resolutions I recommend adapting to kick off this new decade. If nothing else, it’s yet another excuse to have tacos. Name a bad year that began with tacos. I’ll wait. 

Try a new restaurant, aka Eat More Tacos 

Tacos with a side of hot sauce from La Estrella (Photo by Paulina De Alva)

Little known fact: My first official date with my now-wife began at Taqueria Guanajuato, a tasty taco haven located a short talk from downtown. Another little-known fact: 100% of my marriages have begun at Taqueria Guanajuato. This little slice of heaven may not be able to guarantee marital bliss, but it can guarantee delicious tacos, as can Taqueria Monterrey and Taqueria Miguelitos. Denton is practically brimming with quality restaurants, but these taquerias don’t get enough love. When in Rome, do what the Romans do: Kick off a new decade with ample tacos. 

Exercise More 

And preferably do it outside. Sure, those fancy “gyms” are great (so I’ve heard) but nothing beats a little slice of the great outdoors — especially since those early new year temperatures will be pleasant. Luckily for you, Denton has a wide range of pretty parks at your disposal for biking, jogging and the occasional picnic. If you have a tyke in tow, check out South Lakes; if you’re runnin’ or ridin’ solo, or looking for a picturesque locale for your bike crew, check out McKenna Park. Or, take your dog out and make them Denton famous at one of the dog parks at North Lakes or Wiggly Fields.

Pick up a New Hobby 

Trust your love guru when I say this: There is nothing more attractive than creating art. That is why I am still working on that — and why you should join me for a class at A Creative Art Studio, where you can learn drawing, pottery, and stained glass techniques on a budget. Or take a fun class at Painting With a Twist and channel your inner Bob Ross! Want to learn more about art techniques? Wildflower Art Studio has a constant stream of workshops of everything from paint pouring and watercolor to hand lettering.

Learn an Instrument 

If art classes don’t sound like your cup of tea (or — pun alert — your pot of clay) then prepare for Make Music Day. That June 21 date may seem far away, but if you’re learning the drums, bongos, bass guitar or, well, virtually anything, then it’s best to start now.

Go On More Dates

Life is short. Heck, a whole decade just went by, and it seems like just yesterday that the Red Sox were cursed and Tobey Maguire was Spider-Man. When faced with your own mortality and the fleeting, fragile nature of time, there is nothing better than escaping it all with your significant other. Take your boo thang to your favorite Denton restaurant more often, or go to a show at Dan’s Silver Leaf once or twice a month. Better yet, take your beloved with you when you try one of the resolutions written above. Looking for anything to do? The Discover Denton calendar is chock full of events. And if you’re single, then treat yo’ self. You survived a decade, so you deserve it.

Cheers to 2020, my fellow Dentonites. Let’s make it a great one, and let’s try to make these resolutions last until at least mid-January. 



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