The Chairy Orchard

Here’s a little known fact about Denton: it’s spelled different, but we have a chairy orchard abloom here year-round.

From the corner of Nottingham and Churchill north of University Drive, go west on Churchill just past the curve and look left.  Nestled between two houses in this well-established neighborhood, bordered in back by Avondale Park, is a vacant lot covered with, well…chairs.

Known these days as the chairy fairies, the creators of the orchard, Judy and Anne, started acquiring chairs from garage sales and other cast-offs.  They built their orchard using just one strategy: a chair was a chair.  That likely explains the orchard’s eccentricity: a salon-style dryer chair with the hood still on it, a decrepit wheelchair, straight back chairs, stools and chairs with the seats rotted out long ago. Rocking chairs, lawn chairs, baby chairs and even a giant chair with Papa Bear’s name painted on it also adorn the space. 

Many have wondered what it’s really all about.  The point of the orchard?  There’s not one! It’s all fun, and people love it!

There’s no cost to visit the Chairy Orchard.  Everyone is welcome.  And it’s about as original as Denton gets.

Address: 1426 Churchill Dr, Denton, TX 76209