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May 22


Critterman’s Corner: Opossum, A Misunderstood Visitor

This is the time of year when our organization receives many emails and phone calls regarding wildlife in custody. One of the most common questions is about a certain frequent backyard visitor. This visitor is drawn to people’s yards by the pet food they leave out, the garbage they put out for pick-up,  or simply […]

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Feb 28


Critterman’s Corner: Get out and see the red-tailed hawk

For this month’s edition of “Critterman’s Corner,” I thought I’d talk about an animal that most of us see every day, but few of us probably think about. It’s not a plane, it’s not Superman—it’s a bird! The path that led to my becoming a professional wildlife educator developed over time. I recently rediscovered my […]

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Jan 12


Critterman’s Corner

As a wildlife educator for the last 26 years, a significant part of my mission has been to encourage people to get out and explore nature. This past summer, I was excited to see the Downtown Square filled with people milling about even though there was no event going on. Now, granted, the Square is […]

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