Denton’s music scene and lifestyle will be the life of the party in a SXSW Music Showcase on Monday, March 12 from 7:30 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. at The Sidewinder.  Seven original Denton bands will celebrate this Texas certified Music Friendly Community’s high regard for original and independent creation.

Showcase lineup

7:30-8 pm: Leoncarlo
8:20-8:50 pm: Harry Zimm
9:10-9:40 pm: TOMKAT
10-10:40 pm: Wesley Jensen & the Penny Arcade
11-11:40 pm: Kaela Sinclair
12-12:40 am: Pearl Earl
1-1:50 am: Josh T. Pearson

Priority Admission: SXSW Music, Platinum, Interactive, or Film badge holders
Secondary Admission: SXSW Wristbands and Artist Wristbands

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This week, we are taking our #FreeBeerFriday DentonRadio.com show on the road with us to SXSW! Come to our live remote at Blue Owl Brewery, located at 2400 E Cesar Chavez St. #300 in Austin, from 7-9 p.m. on Friday! Grab a sampling of their beer, try some of their one-off brews and seasonal offerings in the taproom and chat with us about our SXSW showcase!

The first 25 badge-holders will receive bracelets that will provide two complimentary drinks on us at the showcase!

Josh T. Pearson

Josh T. Pearson (Photo by Piper Ferguson)

Though he’s been a recording artist for over two decades now, and has been writing songs for thirty years, Josh T. Pearson hasn’t racked up much of a discography thus far, at least in terms of the number of albums he’s released. But then, those two albums – 2001’s The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads, by his group Lift To Experience, and his 2011 solo debut Last Of The Country Gentlemen – contained more substance and inspiration than most artists’ entire careers. The former was a cosmic, apocalyptic allegorical fantasy that saw Pearson try to come to terms with his faith and his intense upbringing; the latter was an agonizing, powerfully confessional account of the collapse of his marriage. You can’t rush material like that.

Lately, the dapper Texan gentleman has been motivated by a desire to share more Josh T. Pearson music with the world, before it’s too late. The Straight Hits! is out on Mute on April 13, 2018, and proves Pearson to be gifted in multiple flavors, taking in blasts of goofy country-punk; cataclysmic rock’n’roll; aching folksy mourn, and even a bona fide love song. There’s new Josh T. Pearson music in the world, and it’s joyful, life-affirming stuff.

Pearl Earl

Pearl Earl (Photo by Ellie Alonzo)

Pearl Earl is an all-female rock band from Denton, Texas made up of Ariel Hartley, Bailey K Chapman, Stefanie Lazcano and Chelsey Danielle. The band was founded Summer 2014 by Hartley, Chapman, and Lazcano and quickly became more than just a drunken jam party. The band immediately began touring nationally and regionally and in 2015 released their debut EP titled “Karaoke Superstar”, followed by their full-length album release (Self-Titled) in Summer 2017. Pearl Earl shows have attracted music lovers of all persuasions, and they have gained traction in Dallas/Fort Worth with airplay, and even regional awards. Pearl Earl’s sound is a psychedelic cornucopia of the glitter and sparkle of glam rock, the space and cosmic intervention of prog, the angst and grit of punk, and the synth pop of the times of neon jumpsuits and disco balls. With influences from every era of music, Pearl Earl has the power to transmit you to the past and the future and back again.

Kaela Sinclair

Kaela Sinclair (Photo by Anna Maria Lopez)

Comfortably residing in a space all her own – far from the typical cookie cutter singer/songwriter, yet somehow uniquely familiar and inviting, lies the massively gifted orchestral pop songstress, Kaela Sinclair. Drawing from a deep well of influences ranging from Björk, Rufus Wainwright and Regina Spektor to classical composers like Debussy and Chopin, Sinclair is armed with an uncanny knack for writing unforgettably gorgeous melodies, coupled with lyrics that are earnest, reflective and mysterious.

Midway through recording her sophomore album, Kaela was handpicked from hundreds of singers from around the world to join the seminal electro-pop band M83 for the ensuing world tour. In just another piece to her ever unfolding story, Sinclair was thrust into indie rock stardom overnight, seemingly effortlessly. Her commanding stage presence and otherworldly vocal abilities wooed crowds across the globe, preparing the way for Kaela’s own sophisticated and magnetic brand of pop music.

Wesley Jensen & the Penny Arcade

Wesley Jensen (Photo by Bailey Dale)

Wesley Jensen was born and raised in a quaint Northern CA town, and his music often reflects his small-town upbringing, heavily inspired by the people and scenery surrounding him. His lyrics are honest and music pure, mixing the best of new and old sounds. Infusing 60’s style pop elements with modern production, Jensen finds a way to create something unique all while remaining timeless and true to his roots.


TOMKAT (Photo by Mike Ferreira)

For TOMKAT, a band based out of Denton, Texas whose work spends much of its time buried in the grey areas between pop, jazz, rock and dance music, the idea of coordinating complex sounds and musical meters is at the heart of their cross-genre investigations. Led by the haunting croon and ache of Katrina Cain’s voice, as well as the dynamic rhythmic interplay that exists within the band, TOMKAT are looking to express their native pop and electronic instincts without sacrificing their evolved temperament to the confines of a modern musical marketplace.

TOMKAT’s full length album, ‘Icarus’, was recorded in July of 2016 though the music had been written and sat waiting for over a year. The songs on the album ebb and flow, with “Drowning” beating a dance pop spasm into your feet and others, like “Phoenix” soaring through your tired mind. No song should be taken more lightly than the other, however, as Cain’s surprisingly dark lyrics attempt to convey the emotional and psychological issues surrounding the female experience through the ages. The group returns to a singular theme that blooms from the darkness with every track: “Once and for all I’ll rise; Once and for all I’ll fly.”

Harry Zimm

Harry Zimm (Photo by Hunter Cannon)

Harry Zimm is an expression of old love through electrified instruments, songs that cast spells of infatuation and shades of tenderness found throughout the nature of deep human love.

Combining the beautiful grit of 1970s-era rock and roll with romantic drug-laced pop music, Harry Zimm aims to enchant each listener, breaking the hardened shell surrounding modern emotion through hallucinogenic melodies.

Built upon the idea that human connection and romance are still forces that exist in this world, Harry Zimm proves these energies are not dead contrary to what the mind-numbing screens would like to make you believe. Humans don’t exist to serve these screens. We all exist for a higher purpose- for connection, for love, for affection.


Photo by Wesley Kirk

Experimental composer, Leoncarlo Canlas, is an upcoming musician, currently based in Denton, Texas. He creates his unique sound by incorporating a deep understanding of the violin with modern production mentalities to create lush symphonic soundscapes in real time.

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Denton, Texas is a thriving city just 200 miles north of Austin that’s drawn creative minds and entrepreneurial spirits for more than 150 years.

Hip shopping, live music, and local eateries clustered just blocks from two major university campuses make Denton’s walkable downtown vibrant.  While famous for independent music, the creative flavor of Denton is visible in every medium of art showcased in numerous venues, live theatre, architecture, outdoor art, murals, and more.  Recreation spans everything from college football to kayaking on the Trinity River to hiking at Lake Ray Roberts.  Museums invite visitors to experience the stories, people, and character that shaped this original, independent place.

The University of North Texas and Texas Woman’s University have a combined student population of 50,000 representing more than 49 countries outside of the U.S.  Diversity enhances the already rich cultural environment, business opportunities and quality of life enjoyed and celebrated in this free-thinking mecca of imagination and self-expression.