Erin Wilson

Meeting Sales Manager

Dallas native Erin Wilson joined our staff with a background in destination marketing and sales. Erin earned her Bachelor’s degree in mass communications with a concentration in public relations from Texas State University in San Marcos. She also held an internship with Texas Monthly, as well as an Austin-based public relations firm during her college years.

Since then, she has been at several places around the country, including working for Starwood Hotel properties in Philadelphia, with the Garland Convention and Visitors Bureau and with three Marriott properties in The Colony.

When she’s off the clock, Erin is a coffee and wine enthusiast who loves to sample new restaurants and bars. She has done many adventurous outdoorsy things, including zip-lining, but she’s still waiting for that perfect opportunity to go white-water rafting. She enjoys nights out playing trivia or going to sing karaoke, but on nights in, she watches lots of Netflix and enjoys spending time with her ferret Oscar.

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