Conrad Allen

Originally hailing from Rockwall, Texas, Conrad moved to Denton in late 2018 to pursue academic goals at the University of North Texas. As a marketing major, Conrad is working to hone in on skills in public speaking, business communication, advertising, and sales.

Having worked in the food/service industry from the age of 16, Conrad spent his late teenage years sharpening his communication skills and learning how to best serve the members of his community.

Conrad began working at the CVB in early October 2018 and has taken on many supporting roles in his first few months in the office. On any given day, he could be updating and helping curate the calendar of events, organizing mailing lists and newsletters, editing videos and podcasts for Denton Radio, helping produce some of the weekly shows hosted at the Welcome Center, or just helping reach things on high shelves around the office.

Conrad is also a hobbyist in the world of Audio/Video design and produces a podcast as well as editing and recording videos and music in his (sparse) free time. Hip-hop/Soul music, candy, vinyl collecting, The Office, and learning to cook are standouts among Conrad’s many interests.

Being new to the area, working part-time at the CVB has given Conrad an incredible opportunity for becoming more acclimated to Denton and forming connections with people all over the city. If you happen to see him faffing about in the Welcome Center or perusing R&B records in local bookstores, be sure to give him a warm Denton welcome.


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