Off the Eaten Path: Burger Edition

Published on: Fri, Feb 22, 2019

Once, for reasons that still elude my understanding, I was a vegan. It was a torrid, dramatic afternoon, but needless to say, it didn’t stick. I’m not a carnivorous carnivore, but I do love partaking in a delicious and savory burger from time to time. And while you can often find me at LSA, chowing down on a Stevie with a side of garlic parm fries, I’m always looking for those hidden gems sprinkled throughout our diner-friendly town.

Here’s a breakdown of five beautiful burger eateries you must check out if you, like me, appreciate the occasional hamburger.

Mr. Frosty

Photo courtesy of @knapix

The fantastic Mr. Frosty is your classic old school burger joint: a family owned establishment serving up handspun shakes, malts and Root Beer alongside savory burgers and fries. There’s nothing fancy about it — it’s just a classic. Go with my usual — a chocolate malt, cheeseburger, and Mr. Frosty’s fries — and thank me later.

Mr. Frosty: 1002 Fort Worth Dr,

Denton County Independent Hamburger

Few establishments boast the sheer deliciousness that Denton Independent Hamburger — let alone the trophy case. The classic local eatery has won a fistful of plaudits over the years, and it’s easy to see why. The decor is on brand (vintage, decorative decor coupled with a cozy array of checker-clothed tables) and the burgers are on point. Under the ownership of a UNT grad-turned-veteran restaurateur, this aptly named eatery is original, independent and crazy delicious.

Denton County Independent Hamburger: 715 Sunset St,

Brisket Burger

Photo courtesy of @mkernan

Over the counter, over the top good. That may not be the slogan, but it should be. Locally made buns and bountiful brisket are a can’t-miss combo at this must-see establishment. You’ll get your BBQ fix with all the fixin’s, and enjoy the kind of glorious, triple-stacked burgers that occupy Ron Swanson’s dreams.

Brisket Burger, 4005 Interstate 35,

Burger Time Machine

Retro has never tasted so good. These juicy jumbo burgers are sure to stand the test of time, and they are best when paired with a hefty side of onion rings. My personal fave is the Star Wars, a half-pound patty stuffed with melted cheddar and topped with shredded colby jack. That’s a meal good even a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Burger Time Machine: 301 W University Dr,

RG Burgers & Grill

Old-fashioned burgers made with the finest ingredients available: That’s what you get every time you go to RG. That and a wonderful wallop of savory flavor, of course. To top it all off, each and every burger comes with unlimited steak fries. As a bona fide fry thief, I appreciate the fact that I won’t have to steal my friends’ french fries…but I probably still will.

RG Burgers: 2430 S Interstate 35E #172,

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Stay tuned for another edition of “Off the Eaten Path,” a delicious expedition exploring all of Denton’s dining gems.