Don’t Sweat the Event Planning Frenzy.  Just attend the Planner’s Zone!



It happens often. Someone is planning an event and they start to pull together a committee to help.  Where will we hold the event?  What about food?  Invitations.  Music.  Tables.  We immediately feel frantic and the organization monster in us makes an appearance.

If Denton Convention & Visitor Bureau(DCVB) staff is around, we try to add the calm of reason because we know it’s all in one area. The first thing that comes out of our mouth is, go to Plan a Meeting, or Plan a Wedding, or even Bring A Group.  We obviously get the “It’s not that easy!” look. But thankfully we can talk our friends off the ledge and convince them that it is, in fact, that easy.

Most people (even our friends) don’t realize that the DCVB can help you with your event planning just for having overnight visitors that use Denton hospitality businesses.  The services that are offered become even more valuable because the Denton CVB has a Certified Meeting Planner (CMP) on staff. (That’s jargon for a highly trained professional that can offer valuable help to save you time!)

What does this mean to you, the daughter of parents who will soon celebrate a milestone anniversary, or a mom who has taken the task of heading the Prom committee or possibly the church member that will help organize the next retreat?  It means help has arrived, my friend.

The best place to start is by attending this year’s upcoming Planner’s Zone on October 31, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.  The Planner’s Zone was created, under the guidance of CMP Dana Lodge, to reinforce the diverse, high-quality facilities offered in Denton – usually at much more competitive prices than planners can find in our larger neighboring cities. In other words, we have a lot to offer here in Denton, with great prices, so why go anywhere else?

The Planner’s Zone is open to the public and is FREE!  Stop by and sample food from local caterers, get ideas for promotional products and visit with hotels, meeting facilities, and transportation companies.  We are really excited to host this year’s event at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Denton Convention Center.  If you would like an inside look, there will be opportunities to tour the latest addition to Denton’s hospitality family.  Door prizes are given away throughout the show, so don’t forget your business cards!

At the end of your Planner’s Zone experience, you will have had some tasty treats and walk away with some goodies from vendors.  But most importantly, you now know who to contact for your next event and you won’t have to go too far.  Can you see it now?  Your next event will be an Epic Success!!

Want to know who you can visit with on October 31?  Click here for a growing list of Planner Zone Vendors.