What is Kwest?

Kwest is a brand new, better way to explore Denton using your smartphone as a guide! Experience the Square in an entirely new way through location-based riddles, puzzles, mini-games & even augmented reality. (So futuristic!)

Kwest for webWhether you’re interested in history, art, music or just little facts, Kwest is a great way to spend a bit around the downtown Denton Square. The general Denton Kwest is slated to last an hour. Typically, the Kwest costs $4.99, but it is currently free using the coupon code ‘Dentoning’!

Currently, Kwest is only available on iPhone through the App Store, so Android users will have to find an Apple buddy to experience the Kwest with. To begin your Kwest, download the Kwest app, select Denton and your Kwest, get to the starting line (hint: for the general Denton Kwest, it’s in front of the doors on the south side of the Courthouse) and get started! So get Kwesting!

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Here’s an example of what you might encounter on a Kwest (but let’s face it, our Denton Kwest is much cooler):