Hypnotic Donuts serves up the must-have breakfast treats

Published on: Tue, Nov 07, 2017

What do a Las Vegas-born painter, a third-year sociology minor, and an aspiring local art gallery owner all have in common?

They’re all in one transplanted Dentonite named Jenaveve Lester, and you’ll find her most current iteration — server and donut aficionado — every weekend (and then some) at Hypnotic Donuts on Hickory Street.

Denton’s Hypnotic Donuts and Biscuits, the second of its brand in D/FW, came to Denton in 2014. James St. Peter first stepped onto the breakfast food scene with his one-of-a-kind creations in the early 2000’s by selling donuts out of his car, and then sold from a shared space in a Dallas pizza shop. The original Hypnotic location opened near White Rock Lake in 2010, and it was soon decided to seek out a spot near the universities in Denton.

With 92 restaurants registered in the City of Denton alone as strictly donut shops, one might wonder why one spot might be that different from the shop on the next block. But local residents, foodies, students, church crowds, business execs can all be seen here on any given morning, waiting in line for their “from scratch” unique donuts or their made-to-order chicken biscuits.

According to Jenaveve, the craft donuts with bacon are the top sellers at the shop.

“The Evil Elvis and the Canadian Healthcare are by far our biggest sellers,” explains Lester. “If you’re not here by 9 a.m., you’re lucky to get either of those on the weekends.”

While the eclectic Denton location does know how to meet the needs of its distinctive crowd, whether it’s with the fresh-roasted offerings of the in-house Cultivar Coffee Bar or the spicy kick of the “Kaye’s Biscuit,” a fried chicken biscuit which boasts fresh jalapenos and spicy pepper jack cheese, the top shelf of the glass donut case is reserved mainly for some of their most important yield: the glazed donut.

“The top shelf is where the turnover happens,” laughs Michael Lee, a father of two who drives from Decatur several times a month to get his family’s glazed Hypnotic donut hole fix. “Sometimes the line will be long when we get here, and I’ll see [his daughters] start to get nervous as the trays empty.”

Just as Michael is describing the angst and anticipation of his young daughters, a baker scurries out of the kitchen with brand new trays, filled to the edges with donuts, and his daughter claps with delight.

This whole “top shelf” experience explains why Jenaveve said that she’s happy to be working at Hypnotic while working toward her realization of one day owning an art gallery.

“I love the people. I love this place. It’s a small town vibe. And it’s, here… this is art,” Jenaveve says with a smile, getting back to her current art medium.

Although they can’t always stay ahead of the curve, Hypnotic tries to stay as prepared as possible for its “top shelf’ fans. The Denton shop is currently open seven days a week for fall, with local delivery provided by Uber Eats. The seasonal hours as well as a full menu can be found at their website.


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