Chase Ryan and The Late Night/Hen and The Cocks/Richard Gilbert

October 12, 2017 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Harvest House
331 E Hickory St
Denton, TX 76201
Harvest House
(940) 218-6148

Chase Ryan and The Late Night, Hen and The Cocks and Richard Gilbert will be performing at Harvest House October 12th.

There’s something charismatically cool about the way Chase Ryan and The Late Night entertain you. The spooky shiver of the slide guitar whistling with the thunderous rhythms of bass and drums puts out a mixed sound of brawny blues rock. When Chase Ryan steps up to the mic he doesn’t just sing to you he speaks to you. He spills it all on the stage in a crooning growl of a voice that’s both serenading and gritty. When you’re watching Chase Ryan and The Late Night perform you’re not just watching them. You’re swaying to the bluesy sounds of slick guitar licks, you’re listening to the stories of man who’s been through the up and down beats of life, you’re experiencing who Chase Ryan is, while still feeling that there’s is more to the charismatically mysterious man behind the guitar. Come out to a show and experience Chase Ryan and The Late Night for yourself.

Hen and the Cocks is a rock n’ roll band heralding from Denton, TX who puts on a jaw dropping energetic performance.

Richard Gilbert isn’t just a guy you see at the local coffee house hanging out. He is also one of the best singer songwriters in Denton Texas. Always interested in traveling, Richard has seen and done things in his life that help bring his songs to life. From Texas to Santa Fe and Holland to Australia, his adventures have helped him to create stories. Today he plays his music in coffee houses and venues through out Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin.
Richard Gilbert is always working on his next best song and hoping that enough people will listen and make his music a part of their lives. The words tell stories, a little about himself and a little about others in his life. Enough to get you listening and wondering if he wrote the song with you in mind. He is just beginning.


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