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Published on: Tue, Jul 01, 2014

By Fey Sandoval & Lauren Frock
Denton Live: July-Dec 2014

SnarkyPuppySnarky Puppy
This Grammy-award winning combo originated in Denton and carries the city’s unique spirit everywhere they go. Make your first listen “Something,” Featuring Lalah Hathaway. It’s a fantastic fusion of jazz, funk and world sounds. Snarky Puppy is the perfect accompaniment to a social evening with good friends and good wine, and seeing them perform live is pure magic.



CriminalBirdsCriminal Birds
This album’s smooth vocals melt like butter into the catchy, complex rhythmic scheme as the song “Chill Out” builds up into the bridge. An energetic crescendo pulls you over to the next section before dropping you back into the airy vibes of the album. The strong vocals are so smooth they’re almost criminal.



Zach Balch VersusZach Balch
Bluesy guitar and dreamy piano riffs set the scene for Zach Balch’s melodic confessions on his 2011 record, Verses. You’ll discover an enchanting array of gentle guitar strumming, energetic rhythms and everything in between, as each track unfolds stories of heartache, whispered promises and new beginnings. Strong contrast between the first and last tracks reveal Balch’s dynamic voice.


TheBirdsofNightThe Birds of Night
Each piece of the lazy, laid-back vocals sung by this funky band set the scene for a ‘60s throwback in “Love You On The Weekend” from their first album, Snaps. Crispy guitar riffs fill the spaces between each chunk of energetic sound in “Chew,” from their most recent album release, We’re a Family Now. This is Sunday brunch music, complete with enchanting vocals and a beat that revitalizes the spirit of rock n’ roll.
BoomBachsThe Boombachs
A fusion of jazz and hip-hop is the secret behind this array of urban sounds. Lyrics from Post-Apocalyptic Stress Syndrome carry you through each of the album’s low beats. A head bob and a grin at the clever combination of captivating words and heavy themes go hand-in-hand while listening to “Will They be Happy” and “Losing Site.”



DanielMarkhamDaniel Markham
“New Bloods” from Ruined My Life possesses chord progressions and catchy rhythms that make you think California surf rock, but their pausing vocals fuse with each beat to bring in a subtle element of punk. Slower songs like “I Came Here to Rock and Roll” and “Killers will Creep” show a clever contrast between hard and soft rock elements to create recurring musical themes across the album.