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Published on: Mon, Jun 22, 2015

By: Ateanna Uriri
Denton Live Fall-Winter 2015

Claire Moralesclairemorales
Amaranthine is a dreamy ride from beginning to end. Claire and the band are a perfect fit for indie-folk music, with her warm vocals and rich melody. “Prettier” sets the album off to a lively beginning, and “Perfume” gives it a velvety ending with an airy and almost saccharine feel.





Mink Coatsminkcoats
Mink Coats pairs a nostalgic sound, akin to The Kingsmen, with something that is as original as Denton’s music scene. The three men and lady make music that is enjoyable and easy to zone out to. “Middle Eastern Creep” and “Candybowl” are the standouts on the album as the most hip and tuneful.



From the seemingly apocalyptic “Nukes in Space,” the achingly sublime “I Leave Behind,” and the anthemic “For the Love of God,” Tangled in the Light may be an instant classic for the Denton band. While their music is considered rock and roll, there are different moods in each song that will satisfy the traditionalist and the indie listener equally.




theboombachsThe BoomBachs
“Determination,” from their upcoming album AlienNation, will definitely be one of those memorable songs that you can’t help but hum. The smooth and well-shaped arrangement gives listeners a stable beat to nod to, lyrics that are thought-provoking, and vocals that are clear and crisp.


thedemigsThe Demigs
In the latest single “Distress Signals,” from the four-man band’s upcoming album Welcome to Hard Times, is a melodic tale of longing that is heartfelt and edgy. The bass and drums are steady in the melody, while the guitars provide a balanced and driving sound to the song, brought together with stylish and distinctive vocals, a formula that worked well for the group in their past albums.




She Bansheeshebanshee
When a collection is created, it is normally comprised of the best that the creator has to offer. Postieval is just that. Each song includes raw lyrics and powerful arrangements that evoke really strong, soundly crafted music. “Sister Brother” is definitely a kick to the system, and “Darling Darjeeling” makes for a good endcap to the album.