Policies & Procedures is a promotional tool for the music and entertainment industries of Denton, Texas. hosts both music and talk content across a series of web-based platforms. Most of the talk content hosted by is created by “outside” show hosts that are not staff. invites outside show hosts to stream their content on, apps, podcasts, and social media outlets. This operational practice is a strategic tool for promotion of Denton, allowing for multiple talent and entertainment “scouts” and content creators than just the staff, greatly multiplying the amount of content available to audiences. Some of the shows utilize technical resources from, while others are traditionally syndicated. However, all intellectual property of the outside shows remains the property and responsibility of the show hosts, and not provides the means of production for these “outside” shows, and has a set of policy guidelines in place (available here), however, the intellectual property of the shows remains the sole property of the show host. The views, opinions, and conclusions expressed by those show hosts and their guests are those of the show host and/or guests and not necessarily those of, the Denton Convention & Visitor Bureau, Denton Chamber of Commerce, or City of Denton. Live content cannot be reviewed or approved by and therefore the show host is solely responsible for their show’s content.’s appearance does not constitute an endorsement of the show’s content.

By submitting content to, show hosts assume all liability for any claim based on copyright, trade secret, trademark, or otherwise related to show content. By submitting content to, show hosts release from all claims based on copyright, trade secret, trademark, or otherwise related to show content, and agree to indemnify for all damages and costs incurred in defense of such an action.

Additionally, although staff of have made every reasonable effort to produce factually accurate content, no responsibility is assumed for editorial or clerical errors or error occasioned by honest mistake by either, the show hosts, or guests.