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Customer Service Destination Training

Pilot Program


Program Goal: Increase visitor spending and repeat customers by enhancing the visitor experience with original and unique customer service and knowledge of the great things to see and do in Denton and the surrounding area.

• Customer Service and Destination training both live and online
• Training for front line personnel and management to ensure a top down approach to quality service
• Mystery Shopper and online customer survey program to track success
• Recognition program for both the participating businesses and the individual participants
• Ongoing training opportunities including city tours, resource updates and e-alerts with news on current events and new attractions, restaurants, shops and other develops

What’s in it for you, the business owner?
• Increased training for employees with emphasis on customer satisfaction and getting to know the community
• Online training allows for limited time away from work for employees
• Mystery shopper and online survey program allow for feedback directly to you
• Positive service experiences recognized via Social Media and
• Recognition and promotion of your business as a Denton Original Service Certified business
• Window clings for each location that participate
• Use of digital Denton Original Service Certified logo for your website
• Listing on Denton’s Originals Service Certified landing page
• Designation on Denton CVB and Chamber (if a current member) website as a Denton Original Service Certified business
Pilot Program Benefits:
• Free training for all current employees
• Free promotion via social media, and other public relations media
• Free “flair” for employees to be recognized as Denton Original Service Certified, “I’m a Denton Original”
• Pilot program will last through the summer. The full program will launch prior to the Fall semester

What’s in it for your employees?
• Increased customer service skills that can be carried into any industry
• Better attitude toward their jobs as they better understand the customer’s role in their success
• Personal fulfillment as they are recognized for their quality service
• Increased customer traffic as the reputation for service grows
• Free rewards and recognition of positive feedback from Mystery shopper experiences and online customer surveys
• More sales and tips….MORE MONEY!!! as customer satisfaction increases

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