Selfies or it didn’t happen

When you travel to a place, you have to prove that you’ve been there. Here’s a few must-selfie spots in Denton, including one for only the most adventurous sojourners out there. Don’t forget to share your best selfies on Instagram using the hashtag #Dentoning…if you dare.

Li’l d Sign (in front of Oak St Drafthouse)

Whether you’re by yourself or with a group, everyone can get in on a quick pic to show your pride that you came. You saw. And you conquered Li’l d.
Lil’ d Sign: 117 W Oak St

Goatman’s Bridge (aka Old Alton Bridge)

Only the bravest adventurers trek to the Old Alton Bridge. Rumor has it, the Goatman haunts this old rickety bridge in south Denton. Featured on the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, Buzzfeed Unsolved and just local folklore, catch this sight…if you dare. (Ghost tours are available through Becks Ghost Hunters in the fall.)
Old Alton Bridge: Near 2686 Old Alton Rd. (Take Teasley/2181 south to Old Alton Rd. Go south to the Old Alton Trail and go on foot)

Chairy Orchard (open every day, free)

In one of the most Denton-esque spots, no trip to Denton is complete without a visit to the Chairy Orchard. This empty lot houses hundreds of chairs of all shapes, sizes and types, waiting for visitors to perch. Maintained by two neighbors who call themselves the Chairy Fairies, this is a great spot for an afternoon picnic, a photo shoot or just a fun afternoon with friends and family.
The Chairy Orchard: 1426 Churchill Dr, 940.387.0738

The Purple Door

This outing is part scavenger hunt, part awesome selfie opportunity! In Denton, there is a door. It is purple. Your mission: find it and share with us your best selfie! We won’t give you an address. All we’ll tell you is it’s north of the Square. (Ask some locals, such as at the Discover Denton Welcome Center, if you get stumped!)

LSA Burger rooftop patio (open every day)

With one of the best views of Denton, the rooftop patio at LSA is one of those spots that everyone takes a selfie at. Admire the beautiful 120-year courthouse, then snap a pic with the ol’ beauty. Stick around for a helping of brisket queso or some parm fries while you’re at it.
LSA Burger: 113 W Hickory St, 940.383.1022

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