Denton Live Issue:
    Featured, July-Dec 2017

    A different kind of royalty

    Three young women race around the living room, trying to find earrings to match the 2016 Princess’s outfit. When the earrings are on, the 2016 Teen Queen runs off to put on her boots, and the 2016 Queen asks her mother where her sash is. Their hair is slightly disheveled, but smoothed down before pictures. […]

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    Denton Live Issue:
    Featured, July-Dec 2017

    The Lasting Sting of a WASP

    “You don’t tell a WASP ‘no.’ You don’t tell their family ‘no.’” So says Kimberly Johnson, director of special collections at Texas Woman’s University (TWU) about a special group of women warriors and their very unique challenges. Decades before female pilots were officially allowed in the military, there were Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs), civilians […]

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    Denton Live Issue:
    Featured, July-Dec 2017

    Serving up great beer and good deeds

    It’s a relaxed Wednesday afternoon as people, conversations and craft beer make their way around Eastside. Some patrons mill about, sharing drinks with friends, while others try their luck at the dartboard in the corner. The line to belly up to the bar is full of people, but they don’t mind. Instead, they share drinks […]

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    Denton Live Issue:
    Featured, July-Dec 2017

    Take a Seat

    Chairy Orchard gives new meaning to resting place A manicured green lot cornered between two houses in a friendly, residential neighborhood holds a Denton treasure. Lining the fences of the bordering houses, hanging from the trees and scattered across the yard are dozens of chairs.    It’s not a big lot, but when you put […]

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    All Events


    Call for Submissions: Humanizing the Digital @ Texas Woman's University

    Nov 16 – Dec 15 all-day

    Call for Submissions: Humanizing the Digital @ Texas Woman's University | Cedar Hill | Texas | United States

    The NTDFS seeks interdisciplinary proposals that connect and expand an art and design perspective into other areas of research and practice. As an extension of our mission to highlight the relationship between technology and humanity, we emphasize a spectrum of digital makers representing diverse perspectives including gender, race and ethnic identity. Particularly in a time when the tech world is under serious scrutiny for a lack of commitment to diversity and access, we hope to represent perspectives that the general public less frequently associates with these new technologies.

    All proposals should address the connection of any specific topic to the field of digital fabrication. Preference will be given to proposals that embrace an open-source participatory approach to knowledge sharing. With this symposium we strive to create an atmosphere of discussion and dialogue, in keeping with the spirit of the “Maker Movement”.

    Below are some aspects of the theme (Humanizing the Digital) that we invite you to explore in your proposals, although you are not required to stay within these sub-themes:

    Failure and Adaptation: Creating aesthetics of imperfection within multiple areas of research including design, sound, material, theory, pedagogy, performance, engineering, fashion, science, computer science, information sciences, craft, and fine art.
    A craft approach to technology — humanizing digital processes that welcome experimentation and inclusivity.
    Using “maker” tools and approaches to encourage participation in all forms of creativity and design, at levels from beginner to expert.
    Design as empowerment through creative subversion, and cross-pollination across disciplines.
    Digital pedagogy — harnessing technology’s potential to restructure learning, making and collaboration and challenges within this.
    We are seeking proposals in the following 3 formats:

    Presentations — 1 or 2 presenters, (45 minutes)
    Panel — a moderator and 2–4 presenters (75 minutes)
    Workshops (either hands-on or discussion format) — 1 to 3 instructors/moderators, (2 1/2 hours)
    Please note that symposium organizers are currently pursuing a range of funding sources but cannot guarantee the resources to cover expenses/stipends for presenters. If accepted, presenters may be responsible for covering their expenses associated with participating in the Symposium.


    Denton Black Film Festival Black Friday sale @ Downtown Denton

    Nov 24 – Nov 27 all-day

    Denton Black Film Festival Black Friday sale @ Downtown Denton | Denton | Texas | United States

    Excited for the 2018 Denton Black Film Festival? So are we! Get 25% off a VIP All-Access Pass Friday, Nov. 24-Monday, Nov. 27!

    Your all-access pass grants you:

    – Entry to all film screenings

    – Entry to all Festival Events including Special Engagement: One Night Only Concert with Singer – Musician Frank McComb

    – Early Seating (Must arrive at least 20 minutes before film or event)

    – Special check-in at the VIP Desk

    – VIP lounge at the Campus Theatre

    Tickets are $149 for adults and $129 for students (college ID required) and seniors (65 and older, ID required)
    Children 2 and under are free but must sit in your lap.
    All other patrons require a pass or ticket to attend screenings and events.
    Sale starts November 24, 2017 and ends Midnight November 27, 2017. Visit for tickets and more information.

    Free Beer Friday @ Discover Denton Welcome Center

    Nov 24 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

    Friday means beer at the Discover Denton Welcome Center! Every Friday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., the Discover Denton Welcome Center hosts a variety of brewers that offer beer samples for FREE!

    At 7 p.m., the brewers step into the studio for a quick interview to learn about their story, their beer, and their craft.

    After sampling, head to the Bearded Monk to get a full pint of the featured beer!

    Stay up-to-date on all things craft beer with the Free Beer Friday podcast, now available on iTunes – & Google Play –

    Brewing up at the Discover Denton Welcome Center:


    November 3rd | Bearded Monk
    November 10th | Upland Brewing
    November 17th | Bearded Monk (with bonus: GM Ben Webster!)
    November 24th | Cancelled due to Thanksgiving Week
    December 1st | Cancelled due to Holiday Lighting Festival (but come by for some wassail!)

    Get your beer on!


    LSA Live Music @ LSA Burger

    Nov 24 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm


    Treat yourself to live music and one of the best views in town every Friday and Saturday night at LSA Burger on the Downtown Denton Square!

    Music starts at 7 p.m. and ends at 10 p.m.

    Upcoming shows:

    November 24th – Maylee Thomas

    November 25th – The Gibbonses


    December 1st – Alyssa Reynolds

    December 2nd – The Buffalo Ruckus

    December 8th – Chaz Marie

    December 9th – Vince Lujan Project

    December 16th – The Gibbonses

    December 22nd – The Wicks

    December 23rd – Andy Walton

    December 29th – Zach Coffey

    December 30th – The Bodarks

    Friday Night Dart Tournament! @ Dusty's Bar & Grill

    Nov 24 @ 7:15 pm

    Friday Night Dart Tournament! @ Dusty's Bar & Grill | Denton | Texas | United States

    Blind-draw, double elimination, steel-tip tourney.

    $10 entry plus mystery out & dream out
    signups start at 7:15pm, Play starts at 7:45pm.
    House matches mystery out buy-in and half the pot with 14+

    $2 Ziegen, $3 Beam, Bucket Special!

    Ghosts of Denton @ Downtown Denton

    Nov 24 @ 8:00 pm

    Ghosts of Denton poster

    Make reservations to take a Ghosts of Denton tour with supernatural tour guide Shelly Tucker. The Ghosts of Denton tours meet at the Discover Denton Welcome Center for a 90 minute haunted history tour at 8:00 p.m. every Friday night.  There are so many stories, that Shelly tells different ones each night.  On any night you might hear the tales of the ghostly hooligan, the dead Comanche’s bones, the librarian who never “checked out,” or the man who survived the Goliad massacre to die in a suspicious fire.  Perhaps you’ll hear tales of Sam Bass and his friend/nemesis Jim Murphy (who some say still haunt the streets of Denton), or the blind sheriff who protects and serves from beyond the grave.  Does John Denton’s ghost protect the town that bears his name?  Take a tour and find out! These tours are fun for visitors and residents alike.

    Private tours can still be booked as long as the group consists of 6 or more.

    For more information, visit

    Eleven Hundred Springs @ Dan's Silver Leaf

    Nov 24 @ 9:00 pm

    Dan’s Silver Leaf presents Eleven Hundred Springs playing November 24th at 9:00 p.m.!

    Eleven Hundred Springs is a Red Dirt band made up of Matt Hillyer, Steve Berg, Jordan Hendrix, Chad Rueffer, Ray Austin, and Christian Dorn!

    * Glitterbomb * @ Andy's Bar

    Nov 24 @ 9:30 pm

    * Glitterbomb * @ Andy's Bar | Denton | Texas | United States

    Come on out to Andy’s Bar and see some of the greatest Drag and Burlesque performers in the DFW Area!

    Denton’s biggest and best Drag and Burlesque show returns!

    November 9 – Sabotage
    November 16 – At the Mall
    November 24 – Glittersgiving
    November 29 – Guardians of the Glitter Galaxy

    December 7 – Pajama Party
    December 14 – A Black Tie Affair
    December 21 – Merry Quuersmas
    December 28 – Goths & Jocks

    18+ (zero-tolerance drinking policy)
    $5 Before 9:30pm
    $7 After 9:30pm

    After Thanksgiving Day Bash @ Abbey Underground

    Nov 24 @ 10:00 pm

    After Thanksgiving Day Bash @ Abbey Underground | Denton | Texas | United States

    Heat those delicious left overs up and head on down to the Abbey Underground for thrilling live music starting at 10 p.m.!

    12:30am- Big Band
    11:30pm- Kites and Boomerangs
    10:30pm- Listen Lady
    10:00pm- James Dolly

    Free, No Cover, 21+


    Denton Community Market @ Denton County Historic Park

    Nov 25 @ 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

    The Denton Community Market has become a regular Saturday ritual for many visitors and it continues to gain importance in the community and region. Opening day for the 8th year of the market is April 1, 2017!

    2015-05-02 11.07.12

    Everything is locally produced and is sold by the makers themselves. You can ask questions about how the produce is grown, how other agricultural products are produced, and how artisan products are made.

    The Denton Community Market also features live music each week.  Denton is known for its music scene, and the market reflects this unique asset. We also have plenty of family-friendly activities, from children’s crafts and learning activities, to yoga classes for kids only and also for adults.

    The Market will be held on Saturdays April 1st through November 25th, 9 a.m to 1 p.m. at the Historical Park of Denton County!


    #DENTON: Where Original Meets Independent

    CVB LogoDenton.  Original.  Independent.

    Mull it over for a minute.  Look at the image; think about the words.  What does it mean?  What is it saying?

    This is our brand.  It conveys in a single image the essence of this place:  Denton, Texas.  Understanding our brand is the first step to understanding our vibe.  And tuning to our vibe is the key to unlocking your own uniquely-customized, Denton-centric adventure.

    The word original is a broad application.  It’s more a description of spirit than physical attribute, though the spirit is manifested in the physical fabric of our city.  The creative energy fueled by our universities, arts community, music industry, small business community, the North Texas Horse Country – it drives originality.  Another example of our originality is our vibrant downtown.  It’s the real thing, no faux about it.  We hold fast to our history while progressively moving ahead.  We hold originality in high regard.

    Independent is more of the same spirit and springs from the same attributes as original.  Consider our burgeoning music scene, for instance.  Denton is known around the world for the music movement that’s been organically evolving here for many years.  Interestingly, though, there is not a specific “Denton sound” that anyone can identify in a word.  That is the result of original and independent.  The sound is a combination of individual sounds where writers, musicians, poets and venues have their own messages, rhythms, tunes and atmospheres.  Listeners get the entire breadth, as varied or not as they choose.  And again, in the surrounding horse country, we have the most diverse equine population and disciplines in one area than anywhere else on Planet Earth.  That’s independent, and it results in a lively, energetic culture.


    The weathered appearance of the brand is quite intentional.  Think about your favorite pair of jeans.  They’re likely a bit worn-looking, because they are your favorite.  They fit you perfectly, comfortably.  And they wouldn’t fit anyone else in just the same way.  Our brand says that’s how Denton fits too.

    Denton is a place where people come to pursue their passions, and we’ve shared their dreams and journeys for more than 150 years.  You’ll see it in our year-round festivals, museums, galleries and shops.  You’ll taste it in the delectable art of local chefs and unique dining.  You’ll feel it in our vibe.

    Welcome to Denton.  Now get ready for something different, an experience no other has had before, because this one is yours:  Original.  Independent.

    Guests in Denton, like the 128,000 people who choose to live here, have something quite definitive in common: we all seek uniquely customized, Denton-centric adventures in our internationally acclaimed way-cool vibe. We call this vibe original, independent.

    Original is a spirit manifested in the physical fabric of our city. It is creative energy fueled for the past 125 years by our universities, arts community, music industry, business community, the North Texas Horse Country and our vibrant, no-faux-about-it downtown square. We hold originality in high regard.