Denton Dates: Keep it Classic

Published on: Wed, Jun 19, 2019

It’s me again: Denton’s Love Guru. Self-appointed titles aside, I’d like to think I’ve become something of a Denton dating expert. I know the ins and outs of all the romantic locales, and thanks to your feedback, I know what your better halves have loved and, well, loved a little less. Sometimes it’s best to do as my fellow sage Michael Scott says, and K.I.S.S.: keep it simple, stupid. That’s why this edition of Denton Dates is a classic. This summer, let’s enjoy some good times, some good grub and some even better company. Let’s make some music, and make some memories.

Make Music Day

Free music? Check. Free music made by you? Check. And while that might not be too enticing to my fellow tone deaf artists out there, when else will you be able to join Dentonites and music lovers around the world in a cost-free, hands-on celebration of all things musical. Make Music Day on Friday, June 21 is an international party where you have the chance to ply your trade, learn a new instrument and take part in the world’s biggest jam session. Whether you’ve been playing the guitar for as long as you remember, or you’re a beginner trying to tap into your inner Slash. Either way, your significant other will love watching you thrash, and the memories you make on this music day won’t soon be forgotten.

Make Music Day performances and events will take place throughout that Friday on the Square.

Wine and Dine

It’s been a while since my palate has taken me to the Mediterranean, but I’m forever grateful to Gyro 360 for the flavorful adventure. The Hickory Street eatery will please Mediterranean maniacs and the uninitiated, so don’t shy away from trying something new with your beloved. Pro-tip: split an order of feta fries and thank me later.

Furthermore, the music doesn’t have to stop on the Square. Dan’s Silver Leaf hosts their Summer Hangout that weekend, and Steve’s Wine Bar has just opened its new location practically right next door. Some people love beers, others love wine. Others, like me, are more of the Mike’s Hard Lemonade persuasion. Chances are you and your partner fall into one of the two far more respectable categories, and that means you have options. Denton is nothing if not a land of variety wherein you can craft your own craft beer tasting, your own mini-wine walk or your own mini-music festival.

Sometimes the best dating advice is the easiest: Stay responsible, stay classy, and keep it simple.