Denton Arts Walk of Fame

IMG_0955The Denton Arts Walk of Fame is one of the many exciting features on the recently renovated East Hickory Street. Denton is known for arts and music. The Arts Walk of Fame is the ultimate way to celebrate the talented artists who make Denton so uniquely original. Running along both sides of E. Hickory Street from Locust to Bell, this walk honors artists who have ties to Denton.

Each year, artists are chosen from fields including, music literature, architecture and visual and performing arts. Denton truly hosts some of the artistic greats and these local artists can now be featured with their own granite engraving.

Ray Wylie Hubbard

The Arts Walk of Fame features Denton artists engraved on East Hickory.

These Dentoning artists include:

Kerry Gammill, Artist

Norah Jones, Musician

Jesus Moroles, Sculptor

Brave Combo, Musicians

O’Neil Ford, Architect

Louise Tobin, Musician

Ray Wylie Hubbard, Musician

Pat Boone, Musician

Tom “Pops” Carter, Musician

Midlake, Musician

Karla K. Morton, Poet

Bob Rogers, Musician


The 2017 inductees are:

Leon Breeden, Musician

John Ford Coley, Musician

Paula Blincoe Collins, Sculptor

Carlotta Corpron, Photographer

Margo Jones, Actress

Tom “Bones” Malone, Musician

“Blue Lou” Marini, Musician

Neil Slater, Musician

Map of Stars: