Celebrate Spooky Season, #Dentoning Style

Published on: Fri, Oct 25, 2019

As your resident Love Guru, I love to put up a fearless front. I dole out peerless romance advice like it’s my job, because I want you and your significant other to enjoy one another and all that this great city has to offer. Yet deep down, I’m a scaredy cat. During spooky season, I am far from the confident guru you have come to know and love. Movies, heights, shadows (even my own) and creepily carved pumpkins: they all terrify me to my core. But here’s the thing: whether you love this time of year or want to embrace the fall aesthetic without getting the bejesus scared out of you, Denton has a place for you. We’re like the bar from Cheers: it’s where you go when you want a cold one, a good laugh, and a great time.* 

So kick back, relax, and enjoy some of these spooky season celebrations with me. The only thing scary is how much fun you’ll have. 

Day of the Dead

Arts, music, and coffins — oh my! True to the spirit of Denton, our Day of the Dead celebration is an eclectic adventure of sights, sounds and experiences. Never before have so many Halloween-loving hooligans gathered in one place to celebrate everything that makes this season fun, and don’t worry — apart from the occasional painted face (curse you, small children) there is nothing too scary at this celebration. Come for the music and the coffin races, and get your tickets for one of the showings of Cirque du Horror at Dan’s Silver Leaf. 

Zoo Boo at the Frank Buck Zoo 

My better half loves zoo dates, especially when the weather is nice. The fall is the perfect time to revel in the zany fun that is the Frank Buck Zoo, and for just $7, families can enter a Gainesville getaway that offers games, plenty of candy, and best of all, a bounce house. I’ve been told I’m a bit too old for bounce houses, but what do adults know, any way? 

As a bonus, the animals of Frank Buck Zoo will be on display tonight at the Welcome Center.

Trinity UMC Pumpkin Patch

Still need to pick your pumpkin or take those fall pictures? The Trinity UMC Pumpkin Patch will be open daily so pay a visit and enjoy the fall with the family or friends!

The Parker House Haunted House

Okay, hear me out: Yes, it sounds super scary. Yes, there is literally a show called American Horror Story about horrific houses like this. But trust me: if I can do it, so can you. The Parker House is a Denton institution, and the creepy tours that happen here each October are a must for anyone who wants something fun and different to do. So trust me: They may not call me the Scare Guru, but I know what I’m saying when I tell you that you can do this. And if not, please don’t sue me. 

Trick or Treat in Downtown Denton 

If you’ve ever been told that you’re too old to dress up (or bounce on a bounce house) now is your time to shine. There won’t be any bounce houses downtown, but there will be ample candy for all those willing to dress up and enjoy Halloween like St. Jack Skellington would want. In between candy grabs, you can enjoy favors and wares from your favorite vendors, and also venture off the Square (Hannah’s, anyone) to avoid the crazy congestion that happens any time you mix adults and candy. In other words: stay out of my way. Those Milk Duds are mine.

Other Halloween events

For those who prefer a less-traditional Halloween experience, next week features everything from live music to themed trivia to parties! See the full listing of Hallo-vents at our calendar.

* Take this with a grain of salt. I have never seen Cheers, as I was born in 1993. 

Editor’s Note: We have reprimanded our whippersnapper blogger for the egregious oversight in not seeing the sublime comedy Cheers and have demanded that he begin watching on Netflix immediately. So if you don’t see him at any of these events, we just assume that that’s where he is.


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