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Discover Denton Welcome Center Opens on the Square

On the morning of June 21, manager Jake Laughlin ran a nervous hand through his hair as he looked the place over one last time. A crew of excited Dentoning Experts and Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) staffers donned in #dentoning T-shirts scurried around him, a blur of color making sure every…

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Welcome Center Opens for Arts & Jazz Fest

Beginning tomorrow, Quakertown Park will be a-buzz. Stages and vendor tents will go up. Fencing, signs, tables and chairs will be placed. Grills will heat up. Seasoned fest-preppers will stake their picnic spreads. It’s all preparation for one of Denton’s biggest weekends of the year when an…

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Discover Denton Welcome Center Vision Fulfilled

Years ago I attended a seminar where the speaker talked about vision. He didn’t talk about the things we wish for, dreams we hope might come true some day. Vision is bigger. It is an ideal that settles itself in your heart, in the depths of your being. It contours how you see your tomorrows. Though…

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