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We had wassail, now see the results!

Wassail Weekend is something I have looked forward to every year since I was a student at Texas Woman’s University. Whenever I invite friends and family, the response is “What is Wassail?” Wassail is a drink very similar to apple cider. It gets its name from an old Norse phrase, meaning “good…

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Wassail Weekend meets Puerto Rico

When does the holiday season officially start? Is it the second the turkey hits room temperature? The moment Walmart’s doors open to throngs of Black Friday bargain hunters? The first shake of silver bells on the radio? For Denton, there’s no question that it’s the first Friday of December, marked…

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Festive Weekend Ahead Welcomes Holidays to Denton

Tim and I will celebrate our first Christmas in our new Denton home this year. Thanksgiving? Well it was a blur. Having just moved, only our youngest son ventured our way to give thanks and eat dinner. It’s a good thing, too, because settling in is taking longer than it might were we not sharing our…

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