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'Everyone loves to hear a good ghost story'

(Read our Denton Live story on Shelly Tucker and her background: 'History and a whole lotta mystery') The moon is clouded, but it doesn’t rain. It’s a fall breezy night. Well, sort of. It’s chilly, but it’s also warm. It’s the kind of unnerving weather in which you’d want to hear stories from beyond…

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Hear the stories of Denton's ghostly inhabitants

Every Friday and Saturday night, a group of people move from place to place around the Square. But these intrepid people aren’t looking for cocktails. They’re searching for spirits of a different kind. Since 2012, storyteller Shelly Tucker has been leading tour groups around the Denton Square…

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Haunted Denton is Mainstay for Denton Visitors

A spiky halo of fiery red bends over the book. She autographs the inside page with a flourish. A shocking white thatch at her forehead sets blue eyes ablaze as she raises them to the man standing at the table. She closes the cover and hands over the book with a mischievous smile. It’s a release…

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