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Denton pulls out all the stops for Oaktopia

The most common thing I've heard the last week was, "Oh, you're going to Oaktopia? I'm so jealous!" Sometimes, you just have to treat yo'self and Oaktopia 2016 truly was a treat. From a great kick-off Thursday night to the action-packed Friday and Saturdays of the festival, this is going to be one…

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The Midlake Sound

Some bands crumble after the leading man, the lynchpin of the group, moves on. For the members of Denton-born Midlake, though, circumstance brought about a new type of togetherness. Initially formed in 1999 as the funk-inspired “Cornbread All-Stars,” the band began transcending into a new type of…

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Live from Denton, Texas!

Original Independent Denton is my greatest passion. This is not breaking news to readers who regularly digest my weekly meanderings about the virtues of our city. Many of you have asked how it is that I don’t run out of things to say. Truly, there are so many unique aspects to this place that fodder…

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