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Time to Come Home

Remember "The Wizard of Oz?" Dorothy's black and white everyday life bursts into brilliant technicolor as soon as the cyclone drops the old Kansas farmhouse alongside the yellow brick road in a land among people the likes of which she'd never seen. I feel today a bit like Dorothy. The sun sets in a…

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A Rodeo Journey

Amazing and fun things happen in Denton during the summer. It’s sunny, the weather is warm, there’s swimming, and the North Texas Fair and Rodeo (NTFR) takes the city by storm every August. The NTFR is an annual event that draws a big crowd full of locals, out-of-towners, and competitors. Even…

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North Texas State Fair- 85 Years of Fun

hink about 85 years. That’s longer than most of our life spans – even mine! Let’s see…85 years ago, it was 1928. Here in America: The Great Depression was heavily in the making – the Great Stock Market crash and the horribly infamous Black Tuesday would happen in just over a year. Herbert Hoover…

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