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The Good Ol’ Days are Alive in Denton

Juke box, delicious food, milkshakes, and root beer. All of these things are a quick drive away from the square at local Denton hang out, “Mr. Frosty’s.” At night the neon sign lights up Fort Worth drive and during the day the building lights up with character. When you walk into this 61 year old…

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"FOOD" at Thin Line

This Thin Line short is really short, just three and a half minutes, but what a piece of art! The whole three minutes is graphically animated with voice over accents from around the globe. I think the voice diversity is actually meaningful in that food and sustenance is a planet-wide concern. I do…

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FOOD - A Thin Line Short

Everyone has a memory of that special comfort meal their mom or dad would make for them as a kid. When I was growing up, my mom’s special meal for me was what she called “Happy Face Sandwiches.” A piece of toast with cheese melted on the top and sliced hot dog weenies arranged into a smiley face…

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