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Meet the 2018 Dog Days Spokesdog

The 2018 Dog Days of Denton Spokesdog was crowned Saturday at the North Texas Fairgrounds. This is Ice, a purebred Siberian Husky. Ice is going to be seven in January but he his owner, Lyndon Villone, has had him since he was four and a half weeks old. Ice is truly a part of Lyndon’s family, he…

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For the Love of Dogs

Relaxing in the shade, eyes closed, white and golden-blonde hair dancing in the breeze, Ellie is tired. She works day in and day out without complaint. Lifting her head to check perimeters, because she’s never really off work, she considers how long it’s been since she went somewhere just for fun…

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Original and Independent Interests Converge in Denton

Something wonderful about being Original Independent Denton is that our original, independent ideals, interests and expressions often occur simultaneously. This means no one can ever claim boredom in Denton. It also means that on some calendar dates, Denton is the center of a festival kaleidoscope…

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