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Festive Weekend Ahead Welcomes Holidays to Denton

Tim and I will celebrate our first Christmas in our new Denton home this year. Thanksgiving? Well it was a blur. Having just moved, only our youngest son ventured our way to give thanks and eat dinner. It’s a good thing, too, because settling in is taking longer than it might were we not sharing our…

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Save big at the Holiday Open House

I don't know about the rest of y'all, but the holidays have snuck up on me this year. My boss, Kim, tells us in January every year to start our holiday shopping and, as per usual, we ignored her, thinking "we've got plenty of time!" Then, the next thing we know, we're racing coffins down Hickory…

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Here We Come A-Wassailing

Update: Originally published Dec 2, 2013. Christmas is here. You know that smell the heater makes the first time it comes on for the season? That’s one of the smells that tell. Other signals to the senses are pine and spruce, cinnamon and cloves, chimney smoke, pumpkin bread, roasted pecans, and…

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