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DBFF: Poetry Slam showcases a Night of Emotions

Last night, I had the privilege to go to Denton Black Film Festival’s “Poetry Slam” at the Black Box Theater. I have never been to any kind of poetry slam, so I was bubbling with excitement and anticipation to attend. Unsurprisingly, the buildup was worth it, because it exceeded my expectations…

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DBFF: Blay Reflects on Decades of Grief with “KWTXR”

It’s a chilly January night at UNT on the Square, and dozens of art fans, film festival leaders and curious passersby have huddled closely around one man: a seasoned Fort Worth artist whose mixed media exhibitions have drawn rave reviews across the metroplex. Fort Worth’s Christopher Blay is the…

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DBFF: Jackson is a sobering depiction of a healthcare crisis

When Maisie Crow’s Jackson begins, Shannon Brewer is dealing with an onslaught of pro-life advocates picketing the women’s health clinic where she works. The film is set around 2011, when President Obama is running for reelection and states have begun enacting strict abortion restrictions that made…

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