Thin Line Fest can show you what life is really made of with documentaries, live music and photography

Story by Kathryn Krevo Denton Live Spring-Summer 2015

The neon marquee beckons as you walk up to the ticket booth. After purchasing your ticket, you enter through the double doors of the historic Campus Theatre. You purchase popcorn and a Coke at the theatre’s original, old-timey concession stand. As you head into the theatre, the lights are dim, and you find your seat. Soon the lights go completely dark, and the screen comes to life. Thin Line Fest has begun.

Each February, throngs of film lovers gather under the Campus Theatre’s neon marquee to experience documentary films, live music and a juried photography show.

This film festival that’s called Denton home for the last nine years, is the largest documentary film festival in the south. Thin Line focuses its films on documentaries based on the belief that real life is more exciting than fiction.

Culled from nearly 400 films, both feature and short, Thin Line’s lineup screens from February 18th through the 22nd. Last year, Thin Line added music to the schedule. New to this year’s festival, Thin Line has added photography exhibits that are set up around the Denton square and free of charge.

In between film screenings, discover new favorites in downtown Denton with these specially-picked pairings to get the full Thin Line experience.

Coffee cropped Photo courtesy of Jupiter House

Not your average concession stand, here’s where to get a treat: This shop may seem small on the outside, but take a step inside and you will be quickly proven wrong. Start the day at Jupiter House coffee shop and breathe the aroma of freshly roasted Costa Rican coffee. Try a cup of Denton’s favorite latte, Jupiter’s Nectar, abounding with flavors of hazelnut, chocolate and caramel. For five years, Jupiter House has been rated Denton’s best coffee shop. Jupiter House also features fruity drinks if coffee doesn’t suit your fancy. Refreshing smoothie varieties include titillating combinations of mango, blueberry, peach and strawberry, to name a few.


record_8 Photo by Amber Plumley

Find your own soundtrack Prepare for your musical journey as you take a step back in time at Mad World Records on the square. This shop doesn’t allow you to mistake its mission: to bring you every type of music you could possibly imagine. A line of CDs takes you from the front of the store to the back. The large selection of records may spark an interest in new tunes or bring back favorites of years gone by. Browse through the rows and rows of vinyl and find everything from Lorde’s Heroin album to Johnny Cash to Barry Manilow. Explore floor-to-ceiling shelves of DVDs and pick up a few documentary topics to get you ready for Thin Line. A stop inside can be as short as a few minutes, or you can lose track of time among the library of options offered in this uniquely Denton music and video store.

LSA02 by Joey Bryant cropped Photo by Joey Bryant

Dinner and a movie After the film, grab a bite at LSA Burger Co. This burger joint is all about that Lone Star Attitude. The restaurant has gourmet burgers where you can have everything from a classic burger to the featured Attitude burger, made with mouth-watering smoked brisket. These burgers heighten senses the moment the server sets the tin plate on your table, and continues as you pick it up and hold that burger in your hand. Juice drips from cooked brisket as the spicy scent of barbeque fills the air. Finally you bite, and it’s amazing, and you know what Texas attitude tastes like.

by David Halloran smaller Photo by David Halloran

Film snob, meet wine snob. Want to add an element of romance or sophistication to your evening on the square? Wine Squared is just the place to have some one-on-one time or spark conversation about the films you just watched. One unique fact about this bar is its option to get your wine or beer to go. Feel free to sip and enjoy your beverage worry free as you walk through the photo galleries lining the square. Open containers are allowed within the boundaries of the Denton square.