As you know, I’m a man of high taste. You’ve seen my dining recommendations, and if you’re wise, you’ve taken my dating advice, too. But I’m reaching out with a different kind of advice today--the kind that will save you time and money, and bring you boundless opportunities for fun and discovery. You don’t have to venture far for a premier festival experience. In fact, all you have to do is look in your own backyard. Not literally your backyard, but you get the point.

The annual Thin Line Festival is nearly here, and that means music, photos and films, spread out over one weekend. Thin Line Fest is the interactive event of the year, a chance for Dentonites and visitors alike to revel in the creativity and artistry of artists from across this country. If that isn’t enough to make you drop everything and get your VIP passes today, here are three reasons to make Thin Line a top priority this spring:

The Variety

In addition to a can’t-miss music lineup of luminaries from across the metroplex, Thin Line boasts a stacked roster of films, including 18 feature documentaries and 20 short docs. Disco, dogs, wildlife conservation and more will all be covered in this year’s film lineup. Since many of these docs are premiering at Thin Line, you can be the first to see them. Furthermore, Armadillo Ale Works, the Hickory Street Office and the Golden Triangle Mall will each play host to their own photo exhibits. These three distinct art forms come together to bring you a picture perfect festival fit for any outing with your friends or family.

The Events

In addition to a plethora of concerts and film screenings, this year’s Thin Line Fest is locked and loaded with several entertaining events. Alamo Drafthouse and Campus Theatre will light up with stars and artists as each film is screened twice, often with a Q&A and/or meet-and-greet following the movie. The opening night screening of Well Groomed -- a doc about champion dog groomers and their four-legged friends on the award circuit -- is a must-see, as is the Saturday night awards program on April 13.

The Price

As in: zero. General admission to Thin Line Fest is free, because its board of founders and directors (a group of mostly Dentonites) decided years ago that access was far more important than profit. Doesn’t that sound like a group of guys and gals you want to hang out with while catching some films, rocking out, and admiring some photos?

Stay tuned for more info on the sights and sounds that will entertain, enthrall and engage you at this year’s Thin Line Fest, and if you’re ready to save your seat, you can do so here.