If you’re into plot-twisting thrillers, I highly recommend The Man with Four Legs, directed and written by Ed Christmas. It trails three young documentarists who are trying to closely follow a schizophrenic man who calls himself James Davis. He has a mysterious gash in his head, and claims to know a woman who does not recognize him. What they discover along his tragic excursion, is his disturbing past and Identity. The Man with Four Legs constantly makes you reflect and deliberate until the last scene.

the man with four legsJames Davis is a beautifully complicated man and this film bluntly takes you in and out of his perspective of battling with his schizophrenia. It is a film that is very in touch with every sense you could ever imagine encountering, from its lush scenery shots to its artistic displays. The documentarians are also questioned because their intentions of mental illness exploitation are not entirely pure. The lens acts as a third eye, catching unnoticed details that are vital to the plot.

The title sounded interesting, but I didn’t quite understand what it exactly meant. However, mid-film I had that “ah-ha!” moment; two bodies one man. The music in the film is absolutely genius. It was composed by Luis Almau. I am desperately trying to find a playlist, or its soundtrack because it is gorgeous, and perfectly fits the film. It has a contradicting sound to what is occurring in the plot that plays into a wider scheme of emotions.

Even though this is a drama and thriller, there are some concessions of humor throughout, which made the film all the more unique. I have honestly never experienced a film such as this one and I am glad I saw it because I was overwhelmed with deep feelings. I do not want to deprive anyone of genuinely experiencing this film, so I don’t want to give too much away.

I cannot express how eager I am for others to watch this mind-boggling film, to spark up discussions about it. Despite its interesting complexity, it is a strong and intense movie that I do not recommend for younger viewers because of its explicit content. Nevertheless, I strongly urge you to watch this film at Thin Line Fest.

NOTE: this film contains explicit content and may not be appropriate for all audiences.

The Man with Four Legs runs 86 minutes and will be shown Thursday, February 18 at 10:15 p.m. as part of Thin Line Film Festival. To purchase tickets at the online box office, click here.

The Man With Four Legs - Teaser from Ed Christmas on Vimeo.