Blockbusted Directed by: Ryan Weibush Julie Glover

Blockbusted, a six minute short directed by Ryan Weibush which will premier at the Thin Line.  The short follows the last few days of a Blockbuster Video store, despite the employees’ repeated attempts to keep the crew from filming their demise.

Blockbuster started systemically closing stores in 2013. Signs were posted with “Closing—This Store Only.” Eventually, all 9,000 locations were liquidated and shuttered. The featured store is closing near Christmas, as evident from the snow on the ground and cars with Christmas trees strapped to the tops. Customers are interviewed outside the store, since the manager will not allow the video crew inside. Some people discuss how surprised they are at the closing; some are there to openly celebrate the demise of the chain.

Love them or hate them (and both sides of the coin are portrayed), Blockbuster has a place in our history. Walking in without knowing what movie you’re looking for, flipping the cases over and reading descriptions, discussing possible choices with strangers, giving and getting unsolicited advice about the case in your hand—these are all experiences that are not possible sitting in your home, scrolling through a list of on-demand movies.

Take six minutes and see how changing technology affects all aspects of our lives now.