Denton's Thin Line Film Festival will bring 5 days of documentaries from around the world to our great city...Feb. 18-22. The annual festival, which last year added music to the mix, will this year add photography to the already incredible Denton event.

Thin Line 2015 also brings together a group of bloggers who, in a break from the past, will preview the films of the festival, providing a brief overview of each film. Hopefully, this will help film-goers to decide which documentaries to put on their lists.

This is the first of many to come.

Retno's Refusal is a short film with roots in Jakarta, Indonesia and DENTON. The film delves into the the environmental and social issues of our daily output of garbage. The film revolves around Retno Hapsari's efforts to improve the lives of "trash-pickers" in the trash mountains (not landfills) of Jakarta.

For thousands of people in Jakarta, trash-picking is a way of life. Retno founded an effort to help primarily the children of those forced to resort to picking through the waste of others to make a living. Her non-profit effort is called the XSProject. This woman's selfless idea turns waste into usable and marketable items while providing income and work to the people of the trash in Jakarta.

The eco-social project is an ingenious way to educate and provide healthcare for those who otherwise would be left to a lifetime of climbing mountains of waste. The goal is to remove as many people as possible from this cycle of poverty while providing a better way of life and a better environment in the process.

Retno visits Denton's landfill in the film, and her verbal contrast of the treatment of refuse between Indonesia and Denton is an eye-opener. Though dealing with a sad comment on a part of humanity, I came away with a smile on my face.

Retno turns trash into hope.

Refuse not to see this film......